Huntsman Spider from South Africa may be Cape Rain Spider

Subject: Spider
Location: Phantom Pass near Knysna,, The Cape, South Africa
January 9, 2014 10:09 am
We woke up with this spider inside our bed netting whilst on holiday in the Cape in South Africa. We were staying in an tree top Eco lodge so were surrounded by trees. Everyone have told us different names so we want to finally know what it is! Thank you for your help! The spider was about 8-10 cm including legs.
Signature: Katarina S-C

Huntsman Spider
Huntsman Spider, Possibly Cape Rain Spider

Dear Katarina,
This is such an interesting photograph.  Was the spider crawling on a pane of glass?  We cannot figure out how else you could have gotten such a high quality ventral view.    We believe this is a Huntsman Spider.  It looks very much like the Badge Huntsman Spiders of Australia in the genus
Neosparassus.  It also resembles this Huntsman Spider posted to Ranger Diaries from Kruger National Park.  The underside of a Huntsman Spider (we believe the genus Palystes) that is posted to Arachnipedia looks very similar to your spiderThe Cape Rain Spider, Palystes castaneus, which is pictured on ISpot is a very strong possible identification for your spider.

Hi Daniel,
Yes, the spider was crawling on the outside of the glass wall to our Eco lodge 🙂 after I put it outside on the balcony after encouraging it to climb into a bathroom bin with a hairbrush! Thank you for your help!
Kind regards

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