October 16, 2012 11:52 am
I live in Pretoria, South Africa. Summer is just getting into its stride here and we have frequent thunderstorms on what is called The Highveld (northern central part of the country).
We have recently had two occurrences in our house in town of the spider attached below and were wondering if you will be able to identify it, please? We believe it is probably a Huntsman spider, or commonly known as a Rain spider, but the colouration put me off, as the Rain spiders I know are usually more brown or beige in colour and I’ve never seen one as big as this!
This specific spider was probably about 8 – 10cm in size, including its legs.
Deon de Jager
Signature: Deon de Jager, Pretoria, South Africa

Huntsman Spider from South Africa

Dear Deon,
We believe this looks like a Huntsman Spider, and as confirmation, there is a photo of a Huntsman Spider with similarly striped legs on the South African Ranger Diaries Blog.
We have a similar looking South African Huntsman Spider with striped legs in our archive.  We are intrigued with the name Rain Spider.  Searching Rain Spider South Africa led us to the Biodiversity Explorer page and some nice photos of a stripe legged Huntsman Spider in the genus Palystes.

Thanks for your help!
We had two ‘Rain spiders’ in our house yesterday during the sunny day
(as they apparently seek shelter from coming rains) and would you know
it, it rained last night! Mother nature just showing off 😉
Have a good day!

Location: Africa

6 Responses to Rain Spider: Huntsman Spider from South Africa

  1. Dean says:

    Can you please help me i found a spider never seen before , so i dont actually know if its is dangerous ??

  2. Talitha says:

    Hi, we have a huntsman (wonderiņg spider) it looks like it was dying and had little response. We took it and gave it some water also sprinkled it with water then it started moving again. We let it go in the house as we are crazy about spiders and we have 3 tarantulas. 2 days later we saw it again and it stil looked sick and sluggish, we have now put it in a tank, it immediately drank water but is still slow. What can we do to help it

  3. Charlene says:

    Hi guys I found a large spider in my tree with stripes on its legs (light and dark brown) is it a huntsman?

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