Subject: Pukalani Wolf Spider
Location: Pukalani – Maui
June 25, 2012 5:44 pm
Aloha – Found this guy Sunday 24 June in my carport, near my orchids. Not sure if he found something to dine on amongst them, as the next morning he was gone on. About 3” across from the front pair of legs to the other.
Wish I had better contrast on his head for you. Knowing we have many hitchhikers into the islands, this guy could have come from *anywhere* on the planet.
Got a male Black Witch moth daytime photo the other week at the local post office.
Appreciate your site… always learn so much! Warm regards ~
Signature: Eliza

Huntsman Spider

Dear Eliza,
This is a Huntsman Spider or Giant Crab Spider, not a Wolf Spider.  We believe it is
Heteropoda venatoria, a species that has naturalized in many port cities around the globe.  According to Instant Hawaii, they are also known as Cane Spiders.

Aloha Daniel –
Perhaps it is seriously erroneous, yet I call all spiders who walk around looking for a meal “wolf” spiders.
Hmm, the usual markings, as illustrated on the Instant Hawaii site for a Huntsman, is missing. If it had been a Huntsman, I’d have not submitted it as I know them well. I remove various sized ones (2″ to about 5″, leg to leg dimension) from my house regularly.
So Giant Crab Spider = Huntsman? hmmmm
Maluhia – peace ~

Location: Hawaii

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