Subject: Weird spider!
Location: Dawsonville, GA
April 30, 2017 6:47 pm
Who is this dude? Dawsonville, Ga.
Signature: Heather Tierney

Humpbacked Orbweaver

Dear Heather,
This is one of the Orbweavers in the family Araneidae, and it has rather distinctive markings, so we decidedc to try to make a species identification.  That is sometimes a challenge with Orbweavers because sometimes several species look very similar, but even more challenging is that sometimes one species will have multiple color and marking variations.  We found a very close match on BugGuide that is identified as a Humpbacked Orbweaver,
Austala anastera, and BugGuide does indicate:  “anastera has 6 basic patterns” and most of the submitted images look nothing like your spider.

Location: Dawsonville, Georgia

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