Great Grig: Hump-Winged Cricket

Subject:  Large cricket?
Geographic location of the bug:  McCall, Idaho
Date: 06/10/2018
Time: 10:17 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi! We found this guy on a camping trip at Ponderosa State Park. I’ve been trying to find similar images online but am having trouble. He is very friendly and seems to be flightless.
How you want your letter signed:  Ashley & my son Ben, Friend of all Bugs

Great Grig

Dear Ashley & Ben,
Your Hump-Winged Cricket or Great Grig,
Cyphoderris monstrosa, which we identified on BugGuide is actually more closely related to Katydids and it is not a true Cricket.  The BugGuide description is:  “male dark gray dorsally, pale whitish ventrally, with short wings humped up and wrinkled like a loosely-folded blanked heaped on the insect’s back; male subgenital plate with a ventrally-directed process shaped like the nail-pulling claw of a hammer.  female either lacks wings or has them reduced to small stubs.”  Your individual is a male.

Great Grig and Ben
Great Grig

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