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Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 11:19 PM
About a month ago, we saw this flying around the flowers pictured, near a river and the gardens of Osaka Castle, Japan. Sorry I couldn’t get a better picture (despite having a DSLR) – it wouldn’t stay still long enough. Pretty big really… with the body perhaps 3 or 3.5 cms long. Image has been sharpened to bring out details better. Don’t bust a gut on my behalf – just curious :-). Regards, Tony
Tony, Japan
Osaka, Japan

Hummingbird Moth from Japan

Hummingbird Moth from Japan

answering own question
Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 11:34 PM
Sorry – my friend found the answer to my query of 10 minutes ago: seems the bug is a Pellucid or Hummingbird Hawk Moth, for which a much better picture exists at
Hope I haven’t taken your time… Regards, Tony
Tony, Japan
Osaka, Japan

Hi Tony,
The Flickr page you sent us to indicates:  “It’s Japanese name is  オオスカシバ (Oosukashiba ” but we wanted to try to find out the Linnean binomial name.  We googled Oosukashiba and found a site that listed Pellucid hawk moth = oosukashiba = Cephonodes hylas.  The Sphingidae of the Eastern Palaearctic was our final destination.  There you may find fabulous life cycle photos as well as maps and information.

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  1. bugdude21 says:

    Their ther ONLY day flying moth.

  2. hiroshimabug says:

    I saw one of these in my garden this week and was completely mesmerised by it. Thanks for letting me know what it is.

    Here are some more photos of it from a Japanese website:

  3. Valerie says:

    I saw this flying in a garden in Kusanagi, Shizuoka prefecture in September 2006. see a photo of it on my facebook page, Valerie Hanada

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