Hummingbird Nest

Subject:  Spider’s Nest??
Location:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
May 7, 2015 11:16 PM
Hello Daniel,
I need your help to identify a scary nest in my garden.  It is dangling from a trailing geranium that hangs from the rear deck.  Perfect ventilation!  At first, I thought it might become a small bird’s nest but it has not evolved for over a week.  I was bitten by a spider three weeks ago, in our bedroom (its was inside of my p j pants!)  As a result, I was on antibiotics and it took over two weeks to heal.
Then a while later, Gerard killed a small spider in the bedroom.  I kept the body and will show it to you when I see you next week.
Anyway, tell me what I am “nurturing” in my geranium!
Have a good night,

Hummingbird Nest
Hummingbird Nest

Good Morning Monique,
Your confusion is understandable.  Hummingbirds use spider’s webs to construct their tiny nests.  Perhaps this nest was abandoned, or perhaps the young Hummingbirds have already left the nest, or perhaps the eggs have not yet been laid.  Several years ago a Hummingbird built a nest in our large carob overhanging the street causing us to postpone tree trimming, but alas, the nest was abandoned.

Julian Donahue comments
And the BioSCAN person who picked up our Malaise trap samples last week spotted a similar nest on our cup of gold vine (Solandra maxima) overhanging the driveway–first hummingbird nest I’ve seen on our property. Probably an Allen’s Hummingbird, now our more common species.
Did a little checking and learned some new stuff about this bird: nesting season is October – May or June, and a single female may lay four or five clutches of eggs (two eggs per clutch) in a single season, often using the same nest over again. Like most moms, she does all the work.
These factoids and many others at:

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