Human Louse from Hawaii

Subject: What type of bug is this
Location: Oahu, hawaii
May 8, 2016 1:31 pm
Hello, we live in Hawaii and I found this bug on my daughters pillow. It did cause red small bites on her neck. The bites were itchy but not raised. I did not find any additional bugs after taking the mattress off, cleaning all bedding, taking out all stuffed animals. We did pet sit last week for a friends dog. Not sure if it a flea or possibly a kite or bedbug. Thanks for all your help!
Signature: Jennifer

Human Louse
Human Louse

Dear Jennifer,
This is a Human Louse, and your daughter may have gotten it at school.  If you found one, there are likely more in her hair and scalp.  They can be removed manually by carefully combing through her hair with a louse comb, and there are many over the counter remedies available.

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  1. can no seeums Live in a human skin? I have been battles Sone Kind of of Creature in my hair for almost ayer. Went to several doctors who refuse to ever listen to me when I say that the are bugs in my hair.They are muco.sopic. I can see then with my bare eyes, But they just say that I do not have bugs. Please help me.I had thick Curly hair before Now it is straw and going bald,


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