Human Louse

Subject: United States
Location: Southeastern GA
April 6, 2015 8:01 pm
I have found a total of 3 of these in the last 72 hours. My husband has checked my head very closely and isn’t finding more, or any nit evidence or any bites (I also have very thin hair). Tonight I came in from being outside awhile and felt something move on the top of my head and found this one so I took some pics. After having seen your website the other night, when researching to see if what I found was lice, I was hoping you could tell me for sure what this is. Every year around this time we start seeing evidence of termites in the area, so was wondering if that could be what this is since we aren’t finding any other evidence of Head lice.
Signature: confused and concerned

Head Louse
Head Louse

Dear confused and concerned,
Your image is quite blurry, but this sure looks like a Human Head Louse to us, and we would recommend that you take action before you spread Lice to friends and family members.

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