House Centipedes as Pets

Subject: Scutigera coleoptrata
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 9, 2012 11:09 pm
Dear bugman,
My kids found little Silvio Berlusconi (on the left) in our house and got him into a jar. Centipedes give me the willies, but I know in my head they are good guys/gals so I have been getting to know him. Then my neighbor caught a really big one in her house and gave him to me. I named the big one Lady Gaga. Amazing things – they groom themselves like dogs or cats, one limb at a time and then the antennae. Cute little faces too. This is my way of trying to get over my anxiety; get to know the ”enemy” and find out they’re not the enemy? Must be some evolutionary throwback in the genes that really frightens me badly when I see these things. Anyway, maybe readers will be encouraged to explore, face fears, learn new things. 🙂
Signature: Ann Graf

House Centipedes

Hi Ann,
Thanks for sending us your photos and observations of your captive “pet” House Centipedes.  We are thrilled to learn that you are coping with your fears in a positive manner, and for your curiosity and efforts to educate yourself, we are awarding you with the Bug Humanitarian Award.

I am honored. Thank you!
Ann Graf

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