Hi Bugman/House Centipede
Here are two shots of this bug I found in the hallway between my bathroom and bedroom! Way to scary for words… (of course I caught and released it.. =)
Thanks for the very cool site! =)
Leah Balecha
Hollywood CA

Hi Leah,
I’m happy our humble site was helpful in your House Centipede identification, but I am amused that your photos were originally titled “monster”. We are also very happy your House Centipede is now running free.

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  1. Charles Wilson says:

    I have been living in my sister’s basement for a while. As I was watching TV I noticed something in my periferal vision field, it was a house centipede on the wall. I am not sure if I saw it or I felt it but anyway I realized it was there. I took a picture of it in order to search the image on google to ID it. I wanted to make sure it was not poisonous. I learned that it was not really harmful to humans and in addition, it eats spiders and other bugs so that is a good thing.

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