House Centipede Libeled on Entrepreneurial Website

House centipede
Well hello again, bugman!
This email isn’t an insect submission or question; instead it’s a “what the heck?” at a severely misinformed person profiting by telling lies of helpful hunter insects.
I stumbled across this website (linked below) while looking up insects with my wife. I should warn you, there is a rather graphic image on the homepage of what is actually a Brown Recluse spider bite, not a House Centipede bite as the website claims.
It seems as though this website aims to spread false information about House Centipedes, and then sells literature, ideas, etc. on how to exterminate them from your home.
I sent an email to, in hopes to inform her of the farce of the website. I made sure to include some of the information I learned from your (wonderful!) website to try to educate her. Would you care to kindly do the same?

WAIT, WAIT…my mistake. Jill is NOT affiliated with the first website I linked…
Still though, BOTH websites are misinformed on house centipedes! Why?
Kyle Church

House Centipede photo from our archives

Dear Kyle,
Thank you for alerting us to this website that has falsely accused the beneficial House Centipede of being a “blood thirsty freak
.”  While we have nothing against entrepreneurial endeavors, we would like to caution the web browsing public that there are many sensationalistic statements on the internet that are published in an opinionated form, hence they are protected by the First Amendment and the right of Freedom of Speech.

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3 thoughts on “House Centipede Libeled on Entrepreneurial Website”

  1. You have to admit that house centipedes are some creepy looking bugs! If they stay out of my way, I stay out of theirs! And we live in the same house….

  2. For years I have spared the lives of house centipedes whenever possible, especially after reading on this site how they are generally docile insects that keep your home free of other bugs. One time my dog saw one and as he tried to sniff it, it seemed to snap up and bite his nose. He whimpered, but I had assumed he just got scared and would now know to leave them alone. We get a lot of them that come into our house through any cracks they can find, as our neighborhood is near a creek so they are common here. Sometimes I would wake up with a irritated little bite bump (not mosquitoes, as I swell up from those) so I assumed maybe spiders (due to your website). Well, last night one fell into our bed as we slept, and my husband woke up to it biting his side. He instinctively squished it and jumped to turn on a light to see what the culprit was. After the initial disgust of realizing a centipede had been crawling on us while we slept, I realized that my arm was burning with an identical bite. The centipede had gotten me right before my husband- only I’m a deeper sleeper. It really bothered me as I feel I was misinformed by your website. I am 9 months pregnant and it worries me that this can also happen to our baby while he sleeps. Needless to say, they will no longer be spared in our home.

    • Hi Christina,
      Someone recently wrote to us that “if it has a mouth, it can bite” and we no longer write that certain creatures do not bite, but we do maintain that House Centipedes are not dangerous. They do have venom and a bite might cause a reaction in sensitive people.


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