House Centipede from the Amazon

Location: Amazon
July 18, 2011 5:36 pm
I’m not sure if you answer requests for people who aren’t in the US/Canada/Britain etc, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway.
This centipede I saw somewhere in the Amazon basin, right on the Eastern edge of the Andes mountains (near Ecuador). We were on a night walk and the guide said not to touch it as it was extremely poisonous. It’s pretty big.. Maybe four inches, though I could be exaggerating as it was a couple years ago.
Also, I love your site.
Also also, I’ve got many more unidentified bugs from various trips around the world.. I love taking bug pictures. But I figure this is a good start — I’ve always wondered about this guy.
Signature: K

House Centipede

Hi K,
Even though it was found in the Amazon jungle, this is a House Centipede in the order Scutigeromorpha.  House Centipedes, like other Centipedes, inject venom through hollow “fangs” when they bite.  We always tell readers that our North American House Centipedes are harmless despite being venomous.  We don’t know what to say about the virulence of the venom of your Amazonian House Centipede.

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