House Centipede and Black Scorpion from Thailand

Subject: what’s the name of this kind of bug
Location: Southern Thailand
November 14, 2012 8:36 am
i hope u can recognize this bug from thailand….i want to know the english name and scientific name, so if my students will ask, i know how to answer and to explain to them….hope u can give me an info about this bug’s life cycle. Please do my favor…thank you so much for this website.
More power.
Signature: anything

Centipede:  Thereuopoda species

Dear anything,
This is a House Centipede in the order Scutigeromorpha.  It looks different from the North American House Centipedes we frequently identify.  It also appears to be missing three pairs of legs at the rear end of the body.  House Centipedes are nocturnal hunters that will feed on cockroaches and other undesirable household intruders and we advise our readers to tolerate them in the home.  You can read more about House Centipedes on BugGuide and in our extensive archive.

Dear Daniel Marlos,
Thanks for the info about this bug and it help a lot…I’m really working forward to your reply last night because that was my lesson for today. And one more thing, i attached here the picture of black scorpion…can i ask again your help…? Please, i know its a black scorpion but don’t know the exact english term and scientific name of it….kindly please look at the picture…..just saw it last night….I’m not really fund in insects or bugs, but i found it interesting knowing their lives and everything…you know :-)…thank you so much..more power to the website…

Hi Melchie,
You are welcome.  We can’t say much about the identity of this Scorpion.  It is our understanding that Scorpions with bigger pinchers generally are not as poisonous as those with smaller pinchers.

Scorpion:  Heterometrus species


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