House Centipede from Peru

30 legs of ”what the heck” in my room
Location: Peruvian rain forest ( within 25 miles of 12° 36′ 0″ S, 69° 11′ 0″ W)
October 30, 2011 10:35 pm
On vacation this summer, i spent time in the Peruvian rain forest. We slept in an abandoned schoolhouse, and i found this little creature hiding in my room. I took this picture late July/early August
Signature: Adam Protter

House Centipede

Dear Adam,
This is a House Centipede, a beneficial nocturnal predator that is perfectly comfortable cohabitating with humans and feeding off the other nocturnal arthropod residents like Cockroaches.  For years we have been claiming that House Centipedes are perfectly harmless, though larger individuals may be capable of biting and Centipedes do have venom.  The venom of a House Centipede is not considered to be harmful to humans, and we also maintain that bites from House Centipedes are extremely rare.

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