House Centipede from Australia

Nice looking chestnut coloured bug
Location: Kilcowera Station, SW Queensland, Australia
February 3, 2011 5:44 am
This bug has never been seen before here or anywhere else. It’s body is about 4 cm long and is segmented, a bit like a centrepede, it has 15 legs on either side, the 2 at the end are very long. It has nippers at its mouth end like a centrepede too. And beady eyes.
Signature: Toni

House Centipede

Dear Toni,
There is a good reason your creature reminds you of a Centipede.  It is a House Centipede.

Thanks Daniel, I would have commented on wtb site but I can’t login even though I have registerd.  Thanks for identifying my bug!  It’s a great blog, cheers Toni

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