House Centipede

Subject:  Crazy Looking Bug
Geographic location of the bug:  Pullman  Washington, USA
Date: 08/21/2021
Time: 03:52 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman :  This bug ran across my carpet floor at about 12:30 am from seemingly under my couch/side table. Its August here and we just had a big rainstorm yesterday. Also, this bug is pretty fast, its black and white sort of striped and it has lots of legs and like a crazy fan tail thing going on. No idea what this is.
How you want your letter signed:  O.S.

House Centipede

Dear O.S.,
This House Centipede is a shy, nocturnal hunter that has evolved to cohabitate with people in their homes, where they often startle the human inhabitants when they are discovered scuttling around in the dark.

1 thought on “House Centipede”

  1. It was evening when I saw this bug scurried across my den from the wall to my back towards the wall in front of me and went under some furniture. It was white opaque with no other color on it. It had no legs on it’s sides, I assumed they were underneath the body. I did not see any feelers in the front of it, but it was too quick to see anything more. I have never seen a bug like it. It was about 2″ long and the body was wider than most that I have seen while doing a search on the net.


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