House Centipede

scary creepy bug!!
Location: salem mass, us
April 27, 2011 9:59 pm
Hi bugman. While enjoying a movie this critter glided across the floor moving so fast!! Please help identify what he is so we can sleep at night!!
Signature: thank you!!

House Centipede

Because they are nocturnal hunters, House Centipedes often startle folks while they are relaxing and watching television.  We occasionally receive a contrary comment when we post that House Centipedes are harmless, so instead, we will indicate that though a large House Centipede might bite if it is carelessly handled, their venom is mild and in the unlikely event that a person is bitten, the effects would be quite mild.  We seriously doubt that people would have much of a chance of handling a House Centipede, because as your email indicates, they are quite fast.  House Cats frequently catch and torment House Centipedes.

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    • House Centipedes have venom, but it is not considered, to the best of our knowldege, to be dangerous. Cats enjoy playing with House Centipedes, though this generally ends with the Centipede dying.


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