House Centipede

Hi. This bug I think house cependia?
Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 6:56 PM

Hi. I just moved to apartment building about a few months. I see these bugs that are flat, have big attenas, look like 18 legs, run fast when I try to spray them, they don’t go away, a big one I think it was the leader went under my cabinet and another one went on my bedroom wall and there are many in my bathroom tub and all over my whole apartment! I spray a lot of perfume and body splash. Is that why they come? even if I don’t spray perfume and body splash they come more! they freak me out! I am sooooo afraid. I get hives and break out bad because of this! I am very nervous and worried all time. What is causing them to come? What do they live off? What do they eat? Are they dangerous? Do they bite? I am sorry but one time I tried to get one and I stump it. I tried to clean up but the body spread out and was very hard to pick up and some parts still there and my fingers sting and I think I got bite. Where do they live? Do they only go to apartments? What other bugs go to apartments because I am new. I just saw these bugs and spiders and spider webs and other bugs I forgot names. And are red ticks bad? What to do? And when I went to my sister’s apartment, when she lived there, I saw she had beetles, cockroaches, and other bugs I don’t know what they are called. She still slept in her bed that had some of this bugs! She didn’t care. There were a lot of bugs there and my apartment. There is a lot of dust, and drafts and very thin walls in my apartment. I am by some old trees and a big old tree comes right by my apartment. I think I am in an old town. They say there are rats in my neighborhood. I saw a rat and mouse too. And a rat and mouse at the Laundromat. So, I heard it was not good to live there and I should move. But I just moved, and want to give it a chance. Am I crazy for this? Plea se help. This is no joke. Thank you.
Soooooo afraid one in Evanston
Evanston, IL

House Centipede
House Centipede

Dear Soooooo afraid,
Since we don’t have psychiatry degrees, we really don’t want to try to diagnose your level of craziness and would prefer to leave that to a specialist. In all actuality, we have art degrees, so theoretically, our insect advice could also be called into question. In recent months, job qualifications have been greatly relaxed, and we do know that Africa is a continent and that Canada, the United States and Mexico are in North America, so we may be qualified to do just about anything.
We are going to confine ourselves to answering your House Centipede questions. Yes, this is a House Centipede. Though they may seem organized, they do not have leaders. They are not attracted to body spray or cologne. They are there because there is a food source. They are predatory and will eat insects and other Arthropods. In the city, they thrive on Cockroaches, so in that sense, they are beneficial. They are not dangerous, but we have gotten a few reports of people being bitten. They are generally found in damp dark places, and they will live indoors and outdoors. Visit our Household Pests section for more creatures frequently found indoors that are not beneficial.

Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 3:31 PM
Hi. I heard they live off a food supply. But where is the food supply? How to get rid of these bugs? They freak the daylights out of me!!!!!!!! This is no joke. Thanks!

Hello again Sooooooo afraid,
Yes, you have heard correctly. House Centipedes do live off of a food supply. There are probably countless insects and spiders in your new apartment that you are unaware of. Cockroaches like dark places like behind the stove, under the sink, and anywhere that crumbs of food may fall. We do not give extermination advice.

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  1. I, too, have lived 44 years without ever seeing this creepy bug! My son and I were so freaked out by this “alien life form”. When he sweeped it out the door, a female mallard was watching and ran over and ate it! We were relieved! Thanks ducky!

    Robin, McHenry, IL


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