House Centipede

What is this bug?
Can you help me. It just crawled from under my couch. I’m in NYC. Thank You.

This is a House Centipede and it is high time we replace the image of a House Centipede on our homepage and your image will do nicely. House Centipedes are harmless, or more accurately beneficial. Chances are this specimen has been feeding on cockroaches, bed bugs and other undesireable roommates in your apartment.

1 thought on “House Centipede”

  1. Awsome, seen a couple of these in my new house I bought, freaked me and my girl out, but reading this makes me feel better. I’m not a dirty person, and the last thing we want is nasty bugs in our house. To learn that the weird but awsome house centipedes have our backs is pretty cool. Thank you guys..


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