House Centipede

Monster in my bathtub!
I found this freaky creature in my tub on November 15th 2005. I live in Redlands, California which is located in the southern part of the state. It had tenticles out either end and has stripes going lengthwise down it’s body. It had many legs, I’d say about 11 or 12 legs on each side. It was about 2 inches in length total from antenna to antenna. I think I have possibly seen relatives of this bug in my toilet when I’ve come home from vacation, but I could be wrong.
Christina Coffield

Hi Christina,
Somehow, we don’t think your House Centipede died of natural causes. We do find the Disney ruler somewhat amusing.

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  1. Your positive, knowledgeable, kindly comments and gentle reprimands for the sad but widespread misinformation concerning small creatures in our environment are deeply appreciated. I really enjoy What’s That Bug– thank you very much!


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