Horse Fly

I think its a type of horse fly.
I believe its a type of horse fly it was on my SUV, it was about a inch and a 1/2 long. I’ve never seen a fly this big! You have all the permissions to use the pictures I’ve taken. I sent you a HUGE macro shot, you can resize it if you would like. but I like the details!!!!!!!!
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Hi Mindy,
Definitely a Horse Fly in the genus Tabanus, but it will take us additional time to identify the species. Eric’s response is: “The only thing I can say is that it is a female of either Tabanus or Hybomitra. I am so not an authority on tabanids!”

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  1. hi I was at the beach and a min later I saw lot of flies and when they got closer I started to get scared and then they started to bit I don’t know what
    it was I think it was a female horse flies but they looked super mad I don’t know what it is and I fear it poisons or something worse because I don’t want my family and dog in danger please help me


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