Hornet Mimic Hover Fly and Yellowjackets in jam jar in the UK

Subject: Tell me what this is please
Location: East Sussex UK
August 19, 2017 2:01 pm
I have a big wasp like bug but it has a furry body. Can you tell me what it is please? It was in a jar of jam three day ago.
Signature: Kind regards?

Hornet Mimic Hover Fly and Yellowjackets

Unlike the surrounding Yellowjackets that are able to sting to defend themselves or their nest, the Hornet Mimic Hover Fly in the middle of your image neither stings nor bites, so it depends upon its protective mimicry to keep it safe from predators.  Many Hover Flies or Flower Flies in the family Syrphidae mimic stinging wasps and bees for protection.  You can compare your individual to this image on the British Hoverflies site to verify our identification.  We suspect these critters were accidentally attracted to the jam jar when it was unintentionally left uncovered.

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