Horned Rhinoceros Beetle carcass from New Guinea

Subject: Beetle from Papua New Guinea
Location: New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea
June 1, 2016 8:25 am
Hi guys! Is this some manner of stag beetle? Found on a recent trip to New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea. There were a bunch of beetle carcasses littering the path.
Signature: Anon

Horned Rhinoceros Beetle
Horned Rhinoceros Beetle

Dear Anon,
This is NOT a Stag Beetle, but rather a Scarab Beetle, commonly called a Horned Rhinoceros Beetle,
Xylotrupes gideon lamarchus, a species we identified on Butterfly Designs.  According to Farangs Gone Wild:  “Attracted to Blacklight.”  According to Insects on Palms it is a species that attacks the blooms on coconut palms.  The condition in which you found it and others indicates that some predator fed on the fatty, nutritious body, leaving behind the less edible parts of the Horned Rhinoceros Beetle, including the legs, wings and horns.  We sometimes receive images of related Rhinoceros Beetles in North America that have been eaten, leaving behind only the head.

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