Hopper from Australia

Subject:  I found a cool bug and i would like to know its name
Geographic location of the bug:  Northern Rivers NSW Australia
Date: 09/22/2017
Time: 08:04 AM EDT
Hello Bugman,
I found this cool bug on my desk and I was very curious about its name
(scientific name that is, not his given name (Rufus))
he is my son now
he’s cool
How you want your letter signed:  rufus’ concerned mother

Rufus, a Free-Living Hemipteran

Dear Rufus’ Concerned Mother,
Rufus is a good looking bug.  The best we can provide at this time is that Rufus is a Free-Living Hemipteran, and many of their suborder Auchenorrhyncha are known as Hoppers.  Hoppers are plant suckers that can pose a threat to some agricultural industries.  We did not locate Rufus on the Brisbane Insect site.

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