Honey Bee

photo 10 – honey on the leg?
Sending you some photos you may want to use for your web site. I am always taking photos of bugs and other things. I sent you some a couple years ago and so here you are some more. I know some of them but not all of them. Enjoy….. Photo taken in Sawyer, Choctaw County, Oklahoma… Thanks,
JoLynn Mangum

Hi Jolynn,
Just posting your ten wonderful photos would have taken us hours at the expense of all the other wonderful images and letters we have in our mailbox. So, we have chosen this very sweet photo of a Honey Bee and want to comment on your title “honey on the leg?” Honey Bees injest nectar and their digestive enzymes produce the honey. Pollen is gathered on the legs and used by the bees for other purposes. Interestingly, while at the theater this weekend to see the awesome movie “Son of Rambow” we were treated to the trivia that honey is the only known food that does not spoil. 3000 year old honey found in Egyptian tombs is still edible.

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