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Not a ? BUT a Thanks
This is a really nice site. I am a homeschool mom and my children and I are fasinated by creepy crawlies so when we found a mass of Millepeds we wanted to know what for sure they were. After a short search we found your site and imeadiately found the answer to our question. I will be making your site a perminate tool of teaching in our home. I also forwarded your site to many of my homeschool freinds it will be a great benifit to us. AND who knows as curoius as my children are I bet it will not be long before we come up with a bug we can not ID with out your help. A few years ago when we moved to this area (middle of Iowa) I found Morman crickets and not recognizing them took them to freinds at Iowa State University for ID. Eventually finding out that these crickets are not normally found East of Nebraska so that was really fun. We still frequently see them in the fall when there is not drought conditions. In our area we also see large praying manits, walking sticks of serveral kinds and LARGE black millipeds here NONE of which I had encountered growing up in Southern Iowa. Its been fun learning about these bugs. Oh and the huge wolf spiders we grow here DONT entertain us as much but we tolerate them. 🙂 Happy bug hunting and thanks for your incredible site.
Michele Kalsem

A Reader Comments (07/08/2008)
NOT A ?, COMMENT ON OLD POST-grammar hound
Hey Bugman,
Don’t want to waste your time on something non-bug related, but in perusing your old fanmail posts I ran across one that a homeschooling mother sent to you and you posted on 5/2/06. Sorry to say, but I’m afraid that her children would be better off in public school with the egregious amount of spelling errors there are in her email to you. It continues to astound me how many people think their children are better off at home with only their ignorant parents as teachers. Even a public school grammar teacher would be better than learning grammar from her! Your grammar, however, is usually quite excellent!! Thanks again for the great site. And let me know if you ever need any editing work done. Thanks,
Amy in Rockford, IL

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