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I have a desk job and one of the highlights of my day as a receptionist is checking out for new bugs on your webpage. I used to have a severe arachnophobia but since learning about spiders and looking at the pictures of them on your webpage I have become tolerant of them. I no longer squash them when they wander near me. As I work in a holistic health care office, often I have patients complain about a supplement "its too big for me to swallow" or "I don’t want to eat kale it’s gross" or even "I hate fish" what frustrates me about these statements is that what is being prescribed is necessary for the body to work in unison with it’s organs and where I am going with this is I notice on your page often people ask, "will it hurt me?" and I am in awe of your patience with these people. Earth needs everyone of these insects, no matter how frightening to function and I find that question so ignorant, instead of being concerned with the dust mites, be concerned with the amount of bees disappearing or the amount of creatures displaced by our need to expand into their homes to build more homes and businesses. Here I am rambling when I just wanted to drop a note to say "I love your webpage!".
Amanda from Canada

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