Hieroglyphic Moth

Subject: I can’t identify this bug.
Location: Palm Bay, Florida. (Central Florida)
October 22, 2014 10:14 am
Alright so I came home and outside on the wall of my house was this bug which at first I thought was a beetle, but now I’m not sure. The colors are more vibrant than shown in the picture. It has a red dot on its head and wings with black lines running down them.
Hopefully you can identify it. Its driving me crazy.
Thanks for the help.
Signature: Not sure I understand this question. Whatever way is best for you.

Hieroglyphic Moth
Hieroglyphic Moth

This distinctive moth is aptly named a Hieroglyphic Moth, Diphthera festiva, and you can verifiy our identification on BugGuide.

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