Hieroglyphic Moth

Subject: A Beautiful something…
Location: Hardeeville South Carolina
September 17, 2016 9:41 am
Hello Mr.Bugman! My brother told me about your page after I asked him if he had ever seen the bug in my picture. My name is Brittany, I work at a self storage facility out in the middle of nowhere. Every morning as I check the property and there are so many bugs outside. I think they must be attracted by the lights on the property at night. I always take pictures if i find new ones for my “collection”. I can normally identity them via google but this one has me stumped! This i am guessing was some type of moth, as after i took the picture he/she flew away. I know you are a busy bugman but I would love to find out what this beautiful somthing was. Thank you for your time!
Signature: -Brittany

Heiroglyphic Moth
Hieroglyphic Moth

Dear Brittany,
This lovely little Owlet Moth is commonly called a Hieroglyphic Moth,
Diphthera festiva, and we don’t think that common name needs any explanation.

Awesome! Thank you so much I cant wait to tell my brother!
p.s. What a perfect name!

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