Hickory Horned Devil: What's That Bug? "is much better than playing Playstation"!!!

Huge, Crazy Looking Caterpillar
Hi there,
Perhaps you can help. My son and I found this on Sunday, August 26, at a park in Irwin, Pennsyvlania. We almost stepped on this thing. We look for bugs all the time and have never seen anything like this. We did not keep it nor touch it. Do you know what it is? Sincerely,
Amy Vandermer and Mason (age 7)

Hickory Horned Devil

Ed. Note: Since we don’t have the time to post every submission that is sent our way, we sometimes just make a quick reply (see above). In this case, posting two additional images of Hickory Horned Devils in the past 24 hours prompted our decision not to post this letter. Then we got the following response, which is so endearing, that we rescued the original letter and photograph from the trash.

Thanks so much! Your Site is Awesome!
Thanks so much. We actually spent the rest of the evening on your website and found what the answer was. My son was so excited about your site after baseball all he wanted to do was look at bugs and drawn his own pictures. You might be happy to know that a 7 year old, second grader actually said . . . . . . “this is so much better than playing Playstation!” . . . his last words before bed were “after school tomorrow I’m coming straight home to identify more bugs!” You guys are awesome!

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