Hickory Horned Devil: First sighting of the season

8 inch black-spiked, green bodied, red horned Dragon Caterpillar
August 17, 2009
I found this huge creature in my Virginia Beach grassed yard.
F. Davis
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hickory Horned Devil
Hickory Horned Devil

Dear F. Davis,
Despite the blurriness of your images, the Hickory Horned Devil is immediately recognizable.  The Hickory Horned Devil, along with other stunning insects like the Luna Moth and Dobsonfly, always thrill us when we receive the first photos of the season.  The Hickory Horned Devil is the caterpillar of the equally stunning Royal Walnut Moth.  Though 8 inches is something of an exaggeration, the Hickory Horned Devil is an enormous caterpillar.  It is perfectly harmless.

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