Hickory Horned Devil: Early instars

Hickory Horned Devil
I’ve found your site to be a wealth of knowlege and information, which is a nice resource since i want to be an entomologist. Anyway, a friend of mine found an adult regalis at a light in mid-July in Maryland which laid eggs. I asked for a couple larvae when they hatched and she gave me 8 healthy 1st instar caterpillars on sweetgum. They of course grew, but i lost 4 while they were shedding into the next instar. Is this common with regalis? So i have four left, 1 third instar, 2 third about to shed into fourth, and 1 fourth instar. I also switched them from sweetgum to norway maple when they became third instars for convenience reasons. They LOVE it. I thought that you would like some pics of the larvae. I was also fortunate enough to land a female luna on August 10th. I have about 100 beautiful first instar larvae which i have feeding on my poor sweetgum sapling. I’ll send some pics of them when they get big enough.

Hi Josh,
Sorry that we cannot provide mortality rate information on Hickory Horned Devils. Thank you so much for providing images of early instar caterpillars for our site.

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