Hickory Horned Devil

Strange Variation of HHD
Hi. I ran across your site as my three year old and I are trying to put a name to some of the tiny creatures around our Florida home. I have seen the Hickory Horned Devil Catapillar many times but none of them look like ours. Please tell us if we have a true HHD or something else. Thanks so much. (See attached.)
Have a blessed day!
Jacilyn Wheeler

Hickory Horned Devil
Hickory Horned Devil

Hi Jacilyn,
Your Hickory Horned Devil looks like a normal fifth instar caterpillar. Perhaps those you saw previously were younger caterpillars, but as you did not describe the difference, we are uncertain. At any rate, it is wonderful to have your gorgeous, yet typical, Hickory Horned Devil to add to our archives. As we are currently transitioning our site, the image will not go live until we finish the site migration.

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  1. My husband just found a horn devil today. He was about 6″ long and as big around as a quarter! He is beautiful but bugs just creap me out. Lol. Do we need to worry about him causing problems wirh our trees?


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