Hickory Borers

Subject: Yellow jacket looking bug cover a standing dead tree
Location: Indiana
May 19, 2013 4:16 pm
Hey good afternoon! We had a tree die over the winter and today 5-19-13 my son was playing basketball and noticed these bugs all over the tree. Can these sting and are they harmful? Thanks from Indiana!
Signature: Trevis

Hickory Borer
Hickory Borer

Dear Trevis,
Given the spring sighting, these are Hickory Borers,
Megacyllene caryae, a species that spends its larval stage boring in the recently dead wood of hickory and other hardwood trees.  A closely related species, the Locust Borer, is active in the autumn months.  It is believed the Hickory and Locust Borers mimic stinging Yellow Jackets as a form of protective camouflage.  The beetles do not sting, however they have powerful jaws that might draw blood if a person is bitten.  They are not considered dangerous.

Great info! Thank you for the identification! Have a great week!

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