Hickory Borers Mating

Should we be worried about these?
This is the first time we’ve seen these . They appeared on the pile of firewood and appear to be mating.

The unprovided information on your query is significant? Where are you? Was the firewood inside or outside? What kind of wood was it? All these details would have helped. We believe, because of the time of year, that these are Hickory Borers, Megacyllene caryae. They emerge in the spring, but if the firewood was stored indoors, the natural life cycle might have been altered. The larvae have been boring into the wood, and the adults have just emerged, eager to mate. If you have hickory trees, the fertile females may lay eggs. If beetle grubs are very numerous, they can compromise the health of the tree. A very similar looking related species is the Locust Borer, but it emerges in the fall. The Locust Borers are often found feeding on the pollen of goldenrod.

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