Hickory Borer

Locust or Hickory Borer beetle.
April 10, 2010
I took a photo of a beetle just yesterday. I posted it on a UK nature forum that I belong to, and someone very quickly replied back with an id – of a locust borer beetle. But after doing a search, I think it may be the hickory borer due to it being out now, rather than in September.
What are the differences
between the two, other than when they emerge.
Yew Dell Gardens, Crestwood, Nr Louisville, Kentucky

Hickory Borer

Hi Kathy,
Your hunch that this is a Hickory Borer is most probably correct.  As BugGuide indicates, the two species are similar, but Hickory Borers are active in the spring and Locust Borers in the Autumn, but BugGuide does not indicate how to separate the two species visually and we haven’t the necessary skill to do that either.  Perhaps one of our readers can supply that information as a comment on this posting.

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  1. I found one of these banging its head into a window at home. I live in Peoria Il., is that weird? And is it supposed to buzz at you?
    And it shouldn’t be this hard to post a comment. It really shouldn’t.


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