Hickory Borer, not Locust Borer

Swarming, green/yellow abdomen, large antennae
April 6, 2010
I was sitting on the back porch around 8p and heard the sound of several large bugs hitting the side of my house. When I saw them there probably 50-100 or more crawling, swarming, and apparently mating. They were on the north and east sides of the house. I tried an insecticide on them but that didn’t seem to help. Do you know what this is and what should I do about it?
Jeff in Louisville, KY
Louisville, Ky

Hickory Borer

Hi Jeff,
Another reader just left a comment on a posting of a Locust Borer in the belief that she had identified an insect that recently appeared.  The Locust Borer, Megacyllene robiniae
, and your insect, the Hickory Borer, Megacyllene caryae, are in the same genus, and they are very difficult to tell apart, but the Locust Borer appears in the autumn, and the Hickory Borer appears in the spring.  We wish your photo was more in focus.

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