Beetle in Michigan
Location: Livonia, MI
July 9, 2011 6:40 pm
I found this beetle in my living room today. Any idea what it is? I live in southeast Michigan
Signature: AmandaBugs

Hermit Flower Beetle

Dear AmandaBugs,
This one was a challenge.  The legs are too delicate for a female Rhinoceros Beetle in the tribe Dynastini.  We eventually found the Hermit Flower Beetle,
Osmoderma eremicola, on BugGuide and we feel it is a good match.  BugGuide notes that it is also called the “‘Odor-of-Leather Beetle’ (for strong odor of ‘Russian Leather’).”  Did you happen to catch a whiff?

Hermit Flower Beetle

Amanda confirm Odor
I did!  I should’ve mentioned that.  I looked up the Hermit Flower Beetle and the beetle does look just like that.  Thank you for your quick response!

Location: Michigan

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