Hemipterans hatching in Southeast Asia

Subject:  Red Ants Emerging Out Of A… Barnacle?
Geographic location of the bug:  Singapore, Southeast Asia
Date: 08/03/2022
Time: {current_time} EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Dear Mr. Marlos,
thank you for your services and your labor of love that help millions of people around the world to understand what they are looking at.
Here’s today strange, skittering squiggly bug submission.
They were found in the hallway of a residential setting and were surrounding or emerging from something that looks like a barnacle made out honey, if the bees that produced it came straight from hell. I really hope these aren’t yellow crazy ants but this is 2022 so I won’t even be surprised if they are.
Do you know what these are, sir?
Wishing you health, happiness and bugs only where you want them,
How you want your letter signed:  Mallory

Probably Newly Hatched Leaf Footed Bugs
Probably Newly Hatched Leaf Footed Bugs

Dear Mallory,
Thanks so much for your kind words.  These are newly hatched True Bugs.  We believe they are newly hatched Leaf Footed Bugs or Big Legged Bugs in the family Coreidae, or possibly Assassin Bugs in the family Reduviidae.  While we are certain they are not Wheel Bugs, this image from our archives illustrates newly hatched True Bugs.

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