Subject: Bugs in Costa Rica
Location: Costa Rica
March 10, 2015 6:41 am
We saw these bugs on the side of the road in Manzanillo (Caribbean coast) in Costa Rica a few days ago (early March). I asked Tracie in Drake Bay as we did a tour with her but she said they are nymphs and without the adults around the chance of identification is slim. She told us to contact you. Any idea what they could be ? Thanks so much.
Signature: Sonia

Immature Hemipterans

Immature Hemipterans

Dear Sonia,
Tracie is correct, kind of.  Nymphs are often difficult to identify conclusively, however, these nymphs are very distinctive in color and markings.  Our initial gut instinct is that they are in the family Coreidae, and that they remind us somewhat of members of the genus
Thasus.  Our initial search did not provide any visual matches.  Perhaps one of our readers will have better luck.  Cesar Crash may be able to come to our rescue on this.

Immature Hemipterans

Immature Hemipterans

Thanks so much for your quick reply, Daniel.. Please do let me know if you find out more. We thought they were very distinctive too and find it all quite exciting.

Update September 17, 2021
Thanks to Cesar Crash of Insetologia who sent a comment that this appears to be a member of the genus Ouranian.  According to iNaturalist, Ouranian and Thasus are in the same tribe Nematopodini.

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Location: Manzanillo, Costa Rica

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  1. Cesar Crash says:

    I just suport the family Coreidae, but I can’t tell much more. We have a simmilar (not a match) nymph from south Brazil My guess was that it was related to Mozena species and it is in the same tribe that Thasus, Nematopini/Nematopodini.

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