What kind of bug is this?
I found many of these bugs shortly after it rained in North Georgia. I was on a camping trip and I would like to know what these are. Thank you

Hi David,
This is a Hellgrammite, the larval form of the Dobsonfly. They are prized bait for trout fishermen.

Update from David Gracer
Dobsonflies are classed in the order Neuroptera. The larvae, hellgrammites, are not only by fisherman as bait, but are also highly regarded as food in some places (mostly Mexico and South America). The larvae are found under stones in streams, but of course they’re well-equipped with pain-inducing pincers. Although these are among the most fearsome-looking of all the edible insects I’ve seen, page 157 of the excellent book Man Eating Bugs: The art and science of eating insects displays a picture of a little girl in Peru holding a large hellgrammite

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