Subject: Scary…ish bug?
Location: Smithton, Pennsylvania
May 28, 2013 9:47 pm
Today, I was walking on a trail today (a chilly 29th May) and found two of these. After numerous searches, I’m at a loss as to what these are, because I was pretty fascinated by them. The trail is in Western Pennsylvania, nearby a river. There’s lots of woods around, and lots of streams and springs, and such – if that’s helpful.
Thanks for your help!
Signature: Z


Dear Z,
This is a Hellgrammite, the larva of a Dobsonfly.  We just postdated an image of a male Dobsonfly to go live on June 5 since we will be away from the office.  We are going to postdate your Hellgrammite image to go live on June 6.

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