Heiroglyphic Moth

Tiger Moth?
Location:  Coastal SC
September 2, 2010 10:40 pm
I’ve looked thru WhatsThatBug.com’s Tiger Moth section, and think that this might be a Tiger Moth? But not sure what type. We live near Myrtle Beach, SC, and found this little guy right on our front porch this afternoon. And right above the front door was a baby mantis. We had a little Wild Kingdom going on. I just love days like that, when they show up right on your front porch, just begging to have their picture taken!
Signature:  Lisa

Heiroglyphic Moth

Hi Lisa,
Your Heiroglphic Moth looks lovely on that buff wood surface.  It is a Noctuid.

Thank you so much for identifying our moth! I have some other photos of it I thought I’d share, as well as the mantis I mentioned. Maybe it wasn’t a baby after all, but a small variety?
I have many other photos of interesting creatures we have found over the last few years, including a very large Carolina Wolf Spider we found last year, an Eastern Hercules Beetle, a beautiful Pearl Crescent Butterfly, a Tersa Sphinx Moth, a Plume moth, a Spittlebug, and a Dogbane Leaf Beetle, if you’re interested in seeing any of those.
Thanks again! You made my day! 🙂
Lisa M. Nowakowski

Hi Lisa,
Though we always enjoy seeing the images our readers supply, it is just physically impossible to post all the wonderful images we receive.  Probably, of the list you mentioned, the one we would most like to have another fine photograph of is the Carolina Wolf Spider.  Please include that name in the subject line of the email you send us and please use our standard form including all required information.

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