Headless Preying Mantis still ambulatory

Headless mantis goes on as if nothing at all had happened
Location: Parkersburg, WV
October 9, 2013
I tried to submit another pic a couple of times from my phone, but I couldn’t get the submission form to go through on the mobile version.   Consequently, I have no idea whether it went through multiple times or didn’t go through at all.   In case it didn’t:
Headless mantis goes on as if nothing at all had happened:
This mantis was part of a mating pair I happened upon yesterday.  I saw him with a head and then without one, so I figured he wasn’t long for the world.   Imagine my surprise to find him the next morning, quite headless, going at what I would consider a normal mantis clip around the garden.   He walked on the mulch and climbed a butterfly bush as if nothing had happened.  I have no explanation for this.   I didn’t know a mantis could do this, although I’ve heard this sort of story regarding the odd chicken.
Here he is, quite upright, and grasped at a leaf I brushed against him.
Thanks for your time and expertise!

Headless Preying Mantis
Headless Preying Mantis

Hi Kitsa,
Thank you for this interesting report.  We have heard that a male Mantis will continue to mate if the female bites off his head, but we did not realize the ambulatory powers of a decapitated Mantis could last much longer than the mating activity.  Your photo is lacking in detail, but your verbal account of your observations is fascinating.

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