Hawkmoth from Australia: Coequosa australasiae

Giant Moth
Location: Galston, NSW, Australia
February 18, 2012 6:34 pm
Hi Bugman,
I found this guy today & thought you may be able to confirm what he is? He is approx 6cm in length & actually has a little orange on the inside of his wings when they are fully expanded. My husband thinks it may be a Vine Hawk Moth, but would be very curious to know for sure.
Thanks an advance
Signature: Sally

Hawkmoth: Coequosa australasiae

Hi Sally,
We believe your Hawkmoth is an Australian species without a specific common name,
Coequosa australasiae, based on a few photos posted online, including one on beling.net.  Most of the online photos of Coequosa australasiae show more patterns in the wings, including the photos on Butterfly House, but we still believe we have arrived at a correct identification.


Would it be possible to contact the contributor of the C. australasiae submission last week and ask them to contact me directly at [email protected] We are seeking a sample of C. australasiae to phylogenetically compare its DNA sequence with C. triangularis in our book on the Australian Sphingidae (it will be much like my NA book) but are having difficulty locating a specimen. Currently the manuscript is 432 pages and growing. Many thanks, Jim
Signature: Jim Tuttle

Hi Jim,
We will forward your contact information to Sally.


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