Hawkmoth from Australia

Subject: Hawk Moth
Location: Sydney
February 28, 2014 4:37 pm
Hi guys. In the past few weeks we’ve had a hawk moth on your from verandah (in northern Sydney NSW). Last night we had another similar one and i wanted to see if they were the same? I know one is a coequosa australisiae, not sure if maybe ones a female and the other a male? Or the same one thats matured? The plainer one is from 3 weeks ago and the orange one is from last night. Thanks!!
Signature: Libby

Hawkmoth:  Coequosa australasiae
Hawkmoth: Coequosa australasiae

Hi Libby,
Both of your moths are the same species, and your identification is correct.  They are both
Coequosa australasiae.  Hawkmoths tend to be long lived as moths go, and they might even both be the same individual.  Like many moths, Coequosa australasiae has underwings that are more brightly colored than the upper wings which serve as camouflage.  You can see a matching image on Csiro.

Hawkmoth:  Coequosa australisiae
Hawkmoth: Coequosa australisiae

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  1. Hi, just saw hawkmoth buzzing my pink lillies at 8 o’clock tonight (dusk) was super suprised to see something hovering like a french hummingbird moth in sydney. Was surprised to find theyre here too. Ive lived in nth epping for 28 years and never saw one before. Still astounded. It flew away too soon. Amazing. Is there any way to attract them?

    • Hi Trevor,
      You can plant nectar producing flowers to attract the moths, but what you really need to have available is the food plant for the caterpillars. There are quite a few different Australian species of Hawkmoths, and we would suggest you read up a bit more on the more common species and try planting the appropriate plants. You can start doing your research on Butterfly House.


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