Hawkmoth from Australia: Daphnis protrudens

Subject: Oleander Hawk Moth?
Location: Cannonvale, North Queensland, Australia
June 3, 2017 8:58 pm
Hey – I live in Cannonvale, North Queensland, Australia. I found this Moth in my yard. After doing a google search I think it’s an Olander Hawk Moth – but apparently we don’t get them in Australia?
Winter has just started here but it is a tropical climate. I found the Moth during the day clinging to the side of the house. It let my pick it up on a stick, very quiet.
Signature: Jessica Stapleton

Hawkmoth: Daphnis protrudens

Dear Jessica,
You are correct that the Oleander Hawkmoth,
Daphnis nerii or Deilephila nerii, is not reported from Australia, however, according to Butterfly House, at least five similar looking relatives in the same genus are reported from Australia.  Of the five, we believe you have encountered Daphnis protrudens, and according to Butterfly House:  “The adult moths have wings with a bold pattern of pale and dark brown. There is a contrasting pair of dark brown and white bands across the first abdominal segment. The wingspan is about 10 cms.  The species occurs in New Guinea, Sulawesi, as well as in Australia in Queensland.”  The species is also pictured on Atlas of Living Australia and CalPhotos.  According to Papua Insects:  “Rather rare in Papua.”


Hawkmoth: Daphnis protrudens
Hawkmoth: Daphnis protrudens

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