Hawkmoth from Australia: Coequosa australasiae

Subject: Please help me identify this monster moth
Location: Brisbane, Australia in autumn
April 19, 2016 12:26 am
Hi bugman,
I finished work the other day and stumbled upon this moth on a stair. I was wondering if you could please help me identify it as I have never seen an insect quite so large in my life.
P.s. If this is an undiscovered species I would like it to be called the Margotmoth
Signature: Sincerely Margot, aka the founder of the Margotmoth

Hawkmoth: Coequosa australasiae
Hawkmoth: Coequosa australasiae

Dear Margot,
First we do not have the authority to name newly discovered species.  There is a lengthy process for determining a name.  Your moth is not new to science, nor to our website.  Your Hawkmoth is
Coequosa australasiae.  You may read more about the species on Butterfly House.

Hawkmoth from Australia
Hawkmoth from Australia

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