Subject: What are these bright-red bugs that are swarming a single lemon balm (herb) leaf in my garden in Birmingham, Alabama?
Location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
August 20, 2015 12:47 pm
I was watering my garden in Birmingham, Alabama today (Aug. 20, 2015) and saw these small bright-red bug covering just one single leaf of our lemon balm (it’s an herb) plant. Does anyone know what they are? I have no clue, as I have never encountered them before.
Thank you!
Signature: Connor

Hatchling True Bugs

Hatchling True Bugs

Dear Connor,
These are hatchling True Bugs or Heteropterans, and hatchlings can be difficult to identify, but we suspect they are Leaf Footed Bug hatchlings in the family Coreidae.  See this BugGuide image for comparison.

Thank you so much! Great to know that they’re not a danger to humans, though our poor tomato garden showing makes more sense in light of this. Really appreciate the help.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

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